Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Erm..what can I say..I can share his blog!!!!hahaha..terkezutttt...but anyway..thanks for inviting me to write in your blog syg..ekekeke..sgt2 kesian kat syg sebab too anxious today after an interview with KOPERKASA. For more details..he will tell it later..hehe..even nak jalan pun tak larat dah..muka tak payah cakap lagi..sian sgt tengok..tak makan tak minum..kerana interview tough questions..all about networking and databases..from morning to evening..

He went to my house with very empty stomach and using his tenaga simpanan..cepat2 I served him food and he ate it hungrily..he also felt pain in his stomach after starving all day long. When he was a bit ok he went home feeling weak..I bet he'll sleep soundly after the tiring interview..

sayang sangat kat dia..

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