Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Streamyx Problem

Yesterday my streamyx so slow i cannot event access my email also any other side. hmmm... watever but the problem is my bos, she always ask me "wat happen to our line hah..." well i say that our line have problem then i call streamyx. hmmmm as usual they will say "First you need to make manual connection then u put the adsl line direct and then u turn off the router then u need give the bandwith speed." that's what the streamyx always say to me huh.. so bored to here those kind of word to good to be true but it is'nt true. Hmmm i call already 3 times already first he say like that then second time also the same the last one my bos call and i give the report number huh i have 3 report here from 6/7 the first report for this month then second one is 16/7 after that the last one is yesterday 25/7 hmmm what the hell. Yesterday we using dial up to connect so the line seem to be very slow well what to do rather then nothin yeah.. Now i'm not doing anything hopefully 2mollow i get the job hopefully if they don't want me then hmmm then i seek for another job lor... hmmmm Yesterday also i go to UNIMAS then well2 what did i found hehehe... u know what there is 4 student in my intake that haven't pay... hmmm u guys make debt with unimas yeah... hehehe that person is roy my friend here then esham another friend also nor irawati.. i she already dismiss i think so but this list was announce in the notice board on 30/6/2005. Well yesterday news about the chopper crashed being found near belaga there hmm hopefully they alive it's hornbill skyway again what a familiar name... last night i donwload naruto using bearshare well until now i only download episod 70 oledy huh... so many episod to go but it's ok just wait until all oledy finish yeah...

Below here i want to show u some of my p2p software available in FC3...

this is the great gtk-gnutella it will download the file until u dc i already try out wow so fast man but ialah ur line become slow n slower it support fedora core and other distro i think but not support for windows

this is limewire also the same but it's rank 2 in the list of p2p it support windows also and other linux.

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