Saturday, July 23, 2005

One Bored Days

Today as ussual a bored day for me well i got interview with ko perkasa as System Analyst Officer hmmm i'm feeling not good about it but i will do my best for dat interview. My interview will be hell at Bangunan Koperkasa around 9.00am on 27 of July 2005 on Wednesday i think... well i hope that i got this job coz i need to work government u lar.. i know... hmmm here at asialink as ussual i'm always chatin do nothing so bored don't have any challenge of work lar.. honey maintance PC then fix system bug. Today i'm not feeling well and feel sick coz i slept around 3 o'clock in the morning. As ussual my rutin is chating in also checkin emel. I wish that i have work with the one that i'll be interview. hmmm yesterday chating with all my old friend from U. She was my classmate in U and now workin at PutraJaya ooo so fortunate for her working there. Well i'm also there, i might find better job also ma... but i'm at kuching if i'm going there all wanted money "Palak Agong" to pay rent to pay food everthing lah..
To everyone that used linux now linux so friendly until u can do anything automatically man.. example like red hat we need to mount everything huh.. so pity but nowdays beginner user can just used the new linux to open anything like usb and multiprinter and scanner. i did test it so cool man distro like sles9, mandriva, FC. Now at office i'm using FC at the office now also using webmin to edit all the configuration lor... The only problem is the samba configuration i haven't set it.
Now after i got my streamyx at home i always download naruto, smallville and new movie. Well so nice to have streamyx at home u can do anything. U can see news and funny movie also see something 'tut' things but the main thing that u can download. Well after using streamyx my comment is streamyx sucks.. so many problem... well the good news for kuching side is jaring boardband will be operate next month well i look foward to see how good the new jaring boardband. At my office there always have problem in connection, slow line also line not stabil so darn man... what da hell....

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