Wednesday, August 24, 2005 of those dull days..

Eh..rasanya tersalah blog ni..silapla..takperla..blehkan syg :D

Today got nothing to do..except sleep and watch naruto on cds..I'm fasting today..biasala bayar hutang posa thn really sleepy,don't know why..

At nite went online and replying one of my friends friendster's jealous of her..she's already have a good job with good salary..she worked at an IT company before and leaved when she got a better offer..when will I be one of them I'm still a primary school teacher until October. I really hope I can get a better job with good salary offers..

Tomorrow I will also fasting..Thursday no because I will attend the SPA Exam. Hope I will do it my best!Syg also going to attend the exam right ;) so good luck to both of us!!!

I'm relieved after the convocation. I got my transcript and degree cert last Monday after I returned my mortar board and now I can apply for jobs using my Deg cert and not temporary graduation letter. I really hope I can get a good job soon after my teaching contract finished. I want to buy my own car, and get married just like my friends..on 28/8 there will be my friend's wedding at Negeri Sembilan, really sad I can't make it..I don't have enough money to go salary will be received at the end of October. Maybe I can go visit her after that..I think..

Erm..well..good luck to you syg for the SPA Exam tomorrow ;)

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